We Provide A Comprehensive Financial Review Process


Roger and his team provide a comprehensive financial review process that includes:

  • Organizing finances/establishing objectives
  • Personal financial analysis
  • Cash flow planning
  • Review of employee benefits
  • Retirement planning
  • Education funding
  • Home purchase analysis
  • Investment planning
  • Portfolio/investment review
  • Asset allocation strategies
  • Investment tracking
  • Insurance coverage review and needs analysis
  • Other financial services
  • Tax Planning*
  • Estate Planning*


Roger can help you:

  • Implement investment strategies and solutions designed to help increase and protect your wealth;
  • Minimize taxes, while potentially maximizing the money you save and invest for your future;
  • Make wise decisions about your retirement accounts and plan your distribution strategy as you near retirement (or now that you are retired); and
  • Implement strategies with the goal of leaving a lasting legacy of financial security for your loved ones.

*Financial Solutions Inc. and Roger Augustyn are not engaged in rendering legal or tax advice.  Individuals should consult with their own legal or tax advisor concerning their own specific situation.